Dear Friends,

Would love to share that my recent work Nostalgia is being exhibited at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils as part of the 100 In Latvia Art exhibition (July 6 – September 9, 2018).  There is still time to see the original.

Nostalgia is a painting from my memory and imagination. It was inspired by what I saw on my first trip to the land of Latvia.

My husband and I arrived during a beautiful early Latvian spring when nature is waking up from the long and white cold winter. The time when trees are going back to their fragile stage of green, with some leaves, not many yet, but enough to give hope for summer and sunshine! This transition between seasons has strongly stayed with me.

When we were leaving I said to myself quietly, “One day, I will imprint on canvas all the colours and all feelings of these images, so people can see how magnificent is this country.”

Finally, this day came and it’s 100 Years of Latvia!

My dear Latvian Friends, Congratulations!

Nostalgia, perhaps this word is too big or too light for the painting.


Perhaps to me what is beautiful will not be beautiful to you. It’s okay with me.

Perhaps to me, amber has infinite shades of transparent oxide red or it’s simply a stone to you.

Perhaps to you, the forest is simply lots of trees, perhaps to me its the most gorgeous birch trees I have ever seen.

Perhaps buckets of bright and delicious cranberries are a heavenly gift.


Perhaps as one, not born in this country and have not lived through its history, I can barely scratch the surface of the struggles and triumphs each generation has passed from child to child.

Though as an artist, I can tell you, I can see the pain, the love, the joy, and the beauty of the nature in this land and the only question I ask in my painting :   “Do we have the time to stop, take a breath, look, taste, and listen?”

The Creator of the Universe has made all things beautiful, pleasant to the eye and has blessed us with it! Even angels bow before His glory. Should we not pause and see it?

My hope is that Nostalgia, this work of my heart and hands, will live another 100 years to encourage the next generations of Latvia to preserve this gifted place and that it remains as beautiful as today we see it!

We’re delighted to now call Latvia home,

With love to all people of this land,

Taya Bell