Fall is in the air and its time to celebrate the last grape harvest with a bit of wine and art! All look forward to the Autumn and the celebration of everything that grows in the land we live.

TayaBellArt Studio celebrated the harvest season with the theme of grapes accompanied with Italian wine, cheese, and grapes, on Thursday, October 25!

A special thank you to the wonderful group of women from the International Women’s Club of Riga who joined us to express their passion and love of art.

Together, as we imagined the fragrant hills of Tuscany we created lovely paintings to warm our memories during the cold winter ahead.


by Ellen Glines,

My vines this year were fine to see:

I pruned and mulched them carefully;

I numbered the clusters, every one,

Rose and amber in the sun.

When the grapes were ripe I cut some down,

Packed them, and carried them to town.

Strange, the things that folks will eat,

Costly, exotic, piquant, sweet:

Truffles, snails, and nectarines;

Cashews, palm-hearts, madelines;

Pies of squash, mince, custard, apples;

Haggis, Philadelphia scrapple;

Syrupy kumquats stewed in crocks;

Bonbons from tinseled box –

Sugared violets, nougat, and divinity!

Hand-dipped chocolates to infinity!

Ripe olives, Blutwurst, marzipan,

Sweet potatoes out of a can;

Anchovies, reed-birds, Camembert,

Stuffed celery, alligator-pear,

Rainbow ices in fancy shapes!

Nobody seems to care for grapes….

Grapes, still life painting inspiration