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Taya Bell was born December 18, 1974, and raised in Kazakhstan. As a girl, she loved reading, writing stories, and staring at the stars. By 2000, she had received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Primary Education and Foreign Languages in Almaty.

Taya studied at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy from 2010-2011. She continued her studies at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence from 2013 to 2016, where she received her Diploma in Fine Art, majoring in Painting and Drawing. She describes these as, “4 wonderful years of drawing, composition, painting, lots of gelato, and absorbing the endless Florentine museums filled with the greatest European artists.”

Bell’s work is influenced by Dutch, Russian and Italian Masters and may reveal her love of the genius of Marc Chagall. Her paintings exhibit themes from the Jewish traditions and capture life as a loving mother, wife, teacher, and artist.

Taya’s work has been exhibited at the Fiuggi Gallery, Italy. Her painting, “The Boat” is part of the traveling Slepenais Dublutnieks (Secret Double) Exhibition, that was recently held in Riga, Latvia, and will be moving onto Tallinn, Estonia and Corvallis, Oregon.

Taya and her husband reside in the lovely Baltic city of Riga.

“I enjoy painting stories of people as they go about their lives. Some are searching for balance, some are working, some are dreaming, and some are chasing something larger, deeper. Some appear to be looking for a divine connection, invisible to the eye. On my canvases, you can see children, men, women, families and dreamers, with whom we are connected through symbols. I love symbols, some are strong, some hidden. I hope they will give you glimpses of a journey, moments of meditation, and snatches of joy.”