The Balance

The Balance

2017. Oil on Canvas. 80 x 100 cm ≈ 32 x 39 inches.

We are delighted that The Gallery at the Latgale Embassy GORS will be handling inquiries and sale of this and all of Taya’s paintings currently on exhibit January 8 thru February 22, 2018. 

Please contact

Edijs Lauskinieks, Latgales vēstniecība GORS, (SIA “Austrumlatvijas koncertzāle”)

+ 371 26387783  edijs.lauskinieks@rezekne.l

AddressPils iela 4, Rēzekne, LV-4601




Available after March 1, 2018 due to Exhibition.

Painting is beautifully and professionally framed.


Prints are available upon request.

All prints are signed by the artist.